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Howdie ho mother fuckers....

let the fun begin

Ok so lately things have been retarded...but neway quick recap...

went to see the sucked

saw some bands with john bri and Kris, they were good minus Enrique and the muchachos

went to lazergate with buncha people and Keebs...

people starting more shit again...

lets zoom in on that last we go...weeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiihh

So what to fuck man...Why is it that people have to go run their fucking mouths without knowing the whole story. ANd Please tell me why people get off on making peoples lives miserable. I mean fuck people were all adults or closed to it, why must we go and play high school games like, hey lets make shit up and blame it on people who didnt have a fucking clue and use people like a fleet of Chess pieces.. I for one and done...

This is my blatent open entry to all those fuckers.

Cut the shit you little coniving bitch. WTF. really. is there really a reason you have to knock other people down to make yourself feel good. Guess what, no one cares anymore. run ur fucking wide mouth as much as you want. make shit up and ruin peoples reputations. Cuz no one cares. You are ruining ur life by cutting ties with people by being a bitch. God get it through your head I DONT LIKE YOU. I NOT GOING OUT WITH U! EVER!!!!! AND Y DAVE DOES IDK!!!! Ur hurting people left and right and its fucked up. and like birt im sick of it. blatently like him, dont fucking talk to me, go fuck urself really.

ok one down now lets see,

Hun, your an awsome girl, plz dont become renee, trust me u dont wanna, and ur much better off as u, cuz u rock. and ur really cool but not if u follow in those steps

AND Dave,

Bro open ur fucking eyes plz man. that was a whole new level for u to stoop to. Man u r so pussy whipped, and man it aint even good pussy. Honestly dude now she has u hurting ur friends, UR BROTHERS!!! thats fucked. Bloods thicker than water dave. u know it. U need to start thinkin for urself and making up ur own mind and dont be afriad of wat might happen. Dude ur gettin played.

To the rest of u fuckers, BOYCOTT THE BULLSHIT, BOYCOTT RENEE! no but seriously stop fucking assuming shit and go to the source.

...............Go ahead run ur mouth bitch.
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