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You might want to sit down for this, grab a beer, put your feet up, put some music on,ahh fuck it...

Ok so here comes the almighty recap of all recaps. Well maybe not of all but, ah whatever, shut up and listen. Please?

Jeez where to begin?

first off i finished my first semester of college. Honestly i dunno how i feel yet. I mean CCRI doesnt seem like a lot different from high school, except the night time classes and them lasting longer. And the random get up and leave when you want...wait i did that anyway...needless to say its been fun. I finally finished EMT school and I am almost a bonafide EMT, just gotta take the registry test, wish me luck.

hmm. So apparently I graduated from Saints but if you went to see Suessical you wouldnt think so. I was back doing the techie thing cuz my boyz got into some trouble with it all and well then i just didnt leave. the show was great and they did amazing. and Kris has a beautiful voice.

As for Kristen it has now been a little over a year for us. And its been great. That night i had a final exam for school, i finished quickly and went to her house. but she was still shopping. So I went to lil Jen's and showed her and Cassie the ring. Then I went and got Kris. I walked in with 2 dozen roses and a lil black lab that sings My Girl. I hugged her and kissed her. We put the flowers in water and went to my house, because it was raining and we couldnt go to La Sallette. We exchanged gifts. She gave me an awsome ring that says voluteer fire fighter on it, its gold and has a red stone. And I gave her a ring with two hearts on it with diamonds and rubies in it. We hugged and kissed and cuddled. and the night was perfect. just like her. Kris I love you so much this year has been awsome and so have you. I love you so much and look foward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Christmas was good, it started Christmas eve for me like it always does. Went and got Lilo and we hung out for a bit and exchanged gifts. She got me a cool necklace thats got dragons on it. its wicked cool. So we hung out then we went to get Kris. Brought her to my house, and we ate some food then we opened stockings. Then I broght lilo and Kris home and went back home and opened the rest of my stuff. so heres the list:

new ps2
lotr ps2 game
shrek2 dvd and party cd
lotr the return of the king extened dvd
pioneer cd player for my car
axe stuff
lots of movie tix
top gun dvd

i think thats it. yeah im pretty sure. ok so yeah

Christmas day...went to grandparents to eat. hung there for a little then went to get kris. We went to La Sallette to look at the lights. It was really fun and the lights were pretty. It was awsome. We got hot chocolate and walked around and kissed and it was just nice.
after xmas

Went to the Seekonk grand prix arcade and beat kris at air hockey then she beat me.

New Years Eve...Went to lil Jens with Kris. First to Bri;s for her b-day. Kris played DDR for the first time. twas funny. John Mac showed up. Then we went to Jens.

@ Jens I have people there presents and we watched movies and played Halo2. "kill ken" lol.

We made milkshakes and drank sorta smoothies and watched the bal drop and drank gross sparkling grape juice. CIDAR IS BETTER BITCHES>>>!!!!!!!!!!!lol. then we settled down to sleep but didnt. I cuddled next to kris. around 530 people began to sleep. falling asleep next to Kris for the first time was like magic. it was just great. and waking up next to her was even better. As usual us guys made breakfast after me and Kens adventure to stop and shop. I DONT WANNA GO

On New Years went to my house to celebrate my dads b-day and hung out.

Tonight went with kris and her sister and her sis boyfriend and her sis friend to see DARKNESS> it was good not that scary tho.

then home agian. to cuddle and hang out.

THIS year has been great and I spent it with some great people. thanxs everybody.

Kris I love you, your awsome. muah. xoxox.....john ur still my bitch
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