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Journal of a Volunteer Firefighter

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Friday, December 16th, 2005
3:08 pm
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Thursday I turned goodoldabe in for spitting (3 points). In July I helped bottled_talents hide a body (-173 points). Last Friday I ruled Iran as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Wednesday I bought porn for ring1fellow9 (10 points). In March sacred_tears and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points).

Overall, I've been nice (551 points). For Christmas I deserve a red Radio-Flyer wagon!


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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
1:49 am - stolen from john
tam_i_am's Halloween party:

anitapitabread dressed as a goblin.
babs24 dressed as Bette Midler's mother.
beckster1013 dressed as your sister.
brokendeities dressed as Mary-Kate Olsen with her very own conjoined Ashley.
clonofussiton dressed as a linebacker for the Falcons.
cut_me_up dressed as Wesley Crusher from "Star Trek".
cuttiegirly11 dressed as a walrus.
gcmorningstar dressed as Gisele Bundchen riding a cat.
i8polishchicken dressed as Heidi Klum.
makotokino dressed as a breast.
melvinthegreat dressed as the Archbishop of Orchard.
nonewwitticisms dressed as a Level 9 bard.
patsymcc dressed as Butt-head, though it looked more like the King of Mauritania.
phycologistcra dressed as a skeleton.
platnumfrosting dressed as a chicken.
qillertofu didn't dress up, spoilsport.
silent_reign dressed as James Garfield.
trackfield dressed as the Governor of New Jersey.
without_a_soul dressed as a 1960's hippie child.
xoxshortiexox18 gets drunk, strips naked, and somehow emerges dressed as the Silver Power Ranger.

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
1:26 am
You're a Pint of Guinness!

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
3:47 pm
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Sunday, August 14th, 2005
5:20 pm

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
7:08 pm - Fire thing i found
I wish you could see the sadness of a business man as his livelihood goes up in flames, or that family returning home, only to find their house and belongings damaged or lost for good.

I wish you could know what it is like to search a burning bedroom for trapped children, flames rolling above your head, your palms and knees burning as you crawl, the floor sagging under your weight as the kitchen below you burns.

I wish you could comprehend a wife's horror at 3 a.m. as I check her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting his wife and family to know everything possible was done to try to save his life.

I wish you knew the unique smell of burning insulation, the taste of soot-filled mucus, the feeling of intense heat through your turnout gear, the sound of flames crackling, the eeriness of being able to see absolutely nothing in dense smoke-sensations that I've become too familiar with.

I wish you could understand how it feels to go to work in the morning after having spent most of the night, hot and soaking wet at a multiple alarm fire.

I wish you could read my mind as I respond to a building fire "Is this a false alarm or a working fire? How is the building constructed? What hazards await me? Is anyone trapped?" Or to an EMS call, "What is wrong with the patient? Is it minor or life-threatening? Is the caller really in distress or is he waiting for us with a 2x4 or a gun?"

I wish you could be in the emergency room as a doctor pronounces dead the beautiful five-year old girl that I have been trying to save during the past 25 minutes. Who will never go on her first date or say the words, "I love you Mommy" again.

I wish you could know the frustration I feel in the cab of the engine or my personal vehicle, the driver with his foot pressing down hard on the pedal, my arm tugging again and again at the air horn chain, as you fail to yield the right-of-way at an intersection or in traffic. When you need us however, your first comment upon our arrival will be, "It took you forever to get here!"

I wish you could know my thoughts as I help extricate a girl of teenage years from the remains of her automobile. "What if this was my sister, my girlfriend or a friend? What were her parents reaction going to be when they opened the door to find a police officer with hat in hand?"

I wish you could know how it feels to walk in the back door and greet my parents and family, not having the heart to tell them that I nearly did not come back from the last call.

I wish you could feel the hurt as people verbally, and sometimes physically, abuse us or belittle what I do, or as they express their attitudes of "It will never happen to me."

I wish you could realize the physical, emotional and mental drain or missed meals, lost sleep and forgone social activities, in addition to all the tragedy my eyes have seen.

I wish you could know the brotherhood and self-satisfaction of helping save a life or of preserving someone's property, or being able to be there in time of crisis, or creating order from total chaos.

I wish you could understand what it feels like to have a little boy tugging at your arm and asking, "Is Mommy okay?" Not even being able to look in his eyes without tears from your own and not knowing what to say. Or to have to hold back a long time friend who watches his buddy having rescue breathing done on him as they take him away in the ambulance. You know all along he did not have his seat belt on. A sensation that I have become too familiar with.

Unless you have lived with this kind of life, you will never truly understand or appreciate who I am, we are, or what our job really means to us...I wish you could though.

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
1:51 pm
what wicked quote are you? by Wicked freak
quote"I dont cause commotions i am one"
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Friday, February 18th, 2005
8:22 pm
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Monday, February 14th, 2005
8:17 am

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
11:31 am
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Monday, January 17th, 2005
1:53 pm
please tell me someone sees a common theme to the misery entries..mainly one person...are we seeing this? are we? coughReneecough

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1:05 pm
Lets see if the repition thing works folks...Cuz is psychology they say that using repition cant break through hysteria and also young children. and Obviously were dealing with a HUGH CHILD! Or at least someone with that mentality. So we got me and john. i tried to keep my entry as close to his with my twists just so we can get the point across.

for some reason i still dont think this will work...

(Small Flames)

12:50 am
Howdie ho mother fuckers....

let the fun begin

Ok so lately things have been retarded...but neway quick recap...

went to see the grudge..it sucked

saw some bands with john bri and Kris, they were good minus Enrique and the muchachos

went to lazergate with buncha people and Keebs...

people starting more shit again...

lets zoom in on that last one...here we go...weeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiihh

So what to fuck man...Why is it that people have to go run their fucking mouths without knowing the whole story. ANd Please tell me why people get off on making peoples lives miserable. I mean fuck people were all adults or closed to it, why must we go and play high school games like, hey lets make shit up and blame it on people who didnt have a fucking clue and use people like a fleet of Chess pieces.. I for one and done...

This is my blatent open entry to all those fuckers.

Cut the shit you little coniving bitch. WTF. really. is there really a reason you have to knock other people down to make yourself feel good. Guess what, no one cares anymore. run ur fucking wide mouth as much as you want. make shit up and ruin peoples reputations. Cuz no one cares. You are ruining ur life by cutting ties with people by being a bitch. God get it through your head I DONT LIKE YOU. I NOT GOING OUT WITH U! EVER!!!!! AND Y DAVE DOES IDK!!!! Ur hurting people left and right and its fucked up. and like birt im sick of it. blatently like him, dont fucking talk to me, go fuck urself really.

ok one down now lets see,

Hun, your an awsome girl, plz dont become renee, trust me u dont wanna, and ur much better off as u, cuz u rock. and ur really cool but not if u follow in those steps

AND Dave,

Bro open ur fucking eyes plz man. that was a whole new level for u to stoop to. Man u r so pussy whipped, and man it aint even good pussy. Honestly dude now she has u hurting ur friends, UR BROTHERS!!! thats fucked. Bloods thicker than water dave. u know it. U need to start thinkin for urself and making up ur own mind and dont be afriad of wat might happen. Dude ur gettin played.

To the rest of u fuckers, BOYCOTT THE BULLSHIT, BOYCOTT RENEE! no but seriously stop fucking assuming shit and go to the source.

...............Go ahead run ur mouth bitch.

current mood: pissed off

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
10:27 am
You scored as Drama nerd.


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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
11:29 pm - You might want to sit down for this, grab a beer, put your feet up, put some music on,ahh fuck it...
Ok so here comes the almighty recap of all recaps. Well maybe not of all but, ah whatever, shut up and listen. Please?

Jeez where to begin?

first off i finished my first semester of college. Honestly i dunno how i feel yet. I mean CCRI doesnt seem like a lot different from high school, except the night time classes and them lasting longer. And the random get up and leave when you want...wait i did that anyway...needless to say its been fun. I finally finished EMT school and I am almost a bonafide EMT, just gotta take the registry test, wish me luck.

hmm. So apparently I graduated from Saints but if you went to see Suessical you wouldnt think so. I was back doing the techie thing cuz my boyz got into some trouble with it all and well then i just didnt leave. the show was great and they did amazing. and Kris has a beautiful voice.

As for Kristen it has now been a little over a year for us. And its been great. That night i had a final exam for school, i finished quickly and went to her house. but she was still shopping. So I went to lil Jen's and showed her and Cassie the ring. Then I went and got Kris. I walked in with 2 dozen roses and a lil black lab that sings My Girl. I hugged her and kissed her. We put the flowers in water and went to my house, because it was raining and we couldnt go to La Sallette. We exchanged gifts. She gave me an awsome ring that says voluteer fire fighter on it, its gold and has a red stone. And I gave her a ring with two hearts on it with diamonds and rubies in it. We hugged and kissed and cuddled. and the night was perfect. just like her. Kris I love you so much this year has been awsome and so have you. I love you so much and look foward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Christmas was good, it started Christmas eve for me like it always does. Went and got Lilo and we hung out for a bit and exchanged gifts. She got me a cool necklace thats got dragons on it. its wicked cool. So we hung out then we went to get Kris. Brought her to my house, and we ate some food then we opened stockings. Then I broght lilo and Kris home and went back home and opened the rest of my stuff. so heres the list:

new ps2
lotr ps2 game
shrek2 dvd and party cd
lotr the return of the king extened dvd
pioneer cd player for my car
axe stuff
lots of movie tix
top gun dvd

i think thats it. yeah im pretty sure. ok so yeah

Christmas day...went to grandparents to eat. hung there for a little then went to get kris. We went to La Sallette to look at the lights. It was really fun and the lights were pretty. It was awsome. We got hot chocolate and walked around and kissed and it was just nice.
after xmas

Went to the Seekonk grand prix arcade and beat kris at air hockey then she beat me.

New Years Eve...Went to lil Jens with Kris. First to Bri;s for her b-day. Kris played DDR for the first time. twas funny. John Mac showed up. Then we went to Jens.

@ Jens I have people there presents and we watched movies and played Halo2. "kill ken" lol.

We made milkshakes and drank sorta smoothies and watched the bal drop and drank gross sparkling grape juice. CIDAR IS BETTER BITCHES>>>!!!!!!!!!!!lol. then we settled down to sleep but didnt. I cuddled next to kris. around 530 people began to sleep. falling asleep next to Kris for the first time was like magic. it was just great. and waking up next to her was even better. As usual us guys made breakfast after me and Kens adventure to stop and shop. I DONT WANNA GO DADDY.lol.

On New Years went to my house to celebrate my dads b-day and hung out.

Tonight went with kris and her sister and her sis boyfriend and her sis friend to see DARKNESS> it was good not that scary tho.

then home agian. to cuddle and hang out.

THIS year has been great and I spent it with some great people. thanxs everybody.

Kris I love you, your awsome. muah. xoxox.....john ur still my bitch

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
3:36 pm
I hate him!

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
1:01 pm

» I committed suicide:
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[31] Do you think I would kill someone?
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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
2:26 am

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2:24 am

let's see:
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current mood: bouncy

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Sunday, September 19th, 2004
12:37 am







NEW ALBUM OUT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

current mood: bouncy

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